Office Cleaning

While surfaces may look clean and tidy, germs and bacteria may be lurking on common office surfaces such as sink handles, the microwave door, and even the coveted stapler. Investing in office cleaning from a professional cleaning company can help to keep your office clean and healthful, leading to less sick days taken and an overall boost in productivity. Studies have even shown that a clean work environment contributes to higher levels of production so instead of offering incentives, enlist JLAgredano Carpet Steam Cleaning to provide a janitorial service that will leave your office clean, fresh, and ready to inspire your employees creativity.

We also offer restaurant cleaning if you own an eatery that needs tidying up after the guests come. For all restaurant clients we recommend considering our carpet cleaning service as restaurants typically see heavy foot traffic on a daily basis and some of these clients are none too careful with their food, leading to stains and other messes on your carpeting if left for too long.

Fortunately, our carpet cleaner can use steam cleaning to help you lift ground in stains and dirt so that you can welcome your guests with confidently with a clean restaurant.

For more information about our commercial cleaning service or to schedule a consultation, please call JLAgredano Carpet Steam Cleaning in San Bruno, CA at (650) 834-5964 today!

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