Janitorial Service

Having a clean home matters. Not only does mess and clutter look unsightly to your guests, but having a house that is constantly in shambles can attract numerous species of bugs and pests that will only create more problems for you in the long run. Instead of fretting over insect control, take care of your home from the very beginning by employing a professional janitorial service to provide a professional cleaning.

Whether you need a daily cleaning service or just someone to provide a weekly tile and grout cleaning, JLAgredano Carpet Steam Cleaning has you covered. Our professional grade steam cleaning can lift mold, dirt, and stains from almost any surface. Since we provide a carpet cleaning service as well as general cleaning, you can rest assured that your entire home will be tidy, clean, and fresh by the time you return in the evening. The mission of our carpet cleaner is to make you home look and feel like new so that all you have to do in the evening is relax in your pristine sanctuary.

For more information about our cleaning company or to schedule a consultation, please call JLAgredano Carpet Steam Cleaning in San Bruno, CA at (650) 834-5964 today!

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